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Wondering about working at Institutes like IITs? IISERs? or more?
As Intern or Research Intern!

We are helping students across different parts of India to obtain Internship positions at their desired


under esteemed Professors or Scholars

Don't worry, if we fail to do so. We will refund you 100%. 


2nd Year Student & Onwards from any domain


Here's how we do it?


Post enrolment, we arrange a virtual meeting at a date and time convenient for you to gather your list of preferred institutions and subject of Interest.


Once we have the required details, we will assist you in enhancing your resume if needed and initiate the process of sending emails on your behalf.


Our network of professors and scholars consists of 1,00,000+ Educators across India. Allowing us to specifically reach to the right educator for your case within a span of 14 Days.

We will be there with you until and unless you receive your first acceptance. If we are unable to secure you the same we will refund 100% within the next 24 hrs.

45,00 INR


100% Refundable if no success or profile is not a match.


1. I'm a first year and don't have experience, am I eligible? Only Year 2 & onwards Students are permitted. And yes, a prior experience is always a plus point


2. How long until I get a confirmation? 2 Weeks or Money Back


3. Is there any test involved? There might be a test, project, interview it depends case to case


4. How long is the Internship for? Ideally it is for 2 Months


5. Will I get stipend? No, research internship does not have stipend nor do we have any say in this.


6. So, Forethought India only gets us a confirmation on Email? Yes by the Professor from your preferred institution.


7. What does Forethought India Email?  We build custom Body & Subjects as per student profile and requirements


8. Who's account is used? We create a account under your name to do the mass mailing

9. Do I get to reply? Yes totally, upon receiving confirmation the student are required to proceed further with the conversation


10. What about stay and accommodation? It is under the direction of the Educator. Forethought India does not provide such facilities at the moment.

Still having questions or concern?
Feel free to reach out to us!

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Students success:

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