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Acquire personalised One-On-One courses and earn Performance Letter from educators who teach at Institutions as Harvard, Oxford and more in your chosen field of education! 

All at your own convenience of date & time.

Business, Finance, Banking, Management & Marketing

AI, ML, Programing, Data Science and more

ML, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and more

Political Communication, Policy and more

Marketing, Strategy, Advertising and more

Japanese architecture, Chilean architecture and more

Leadership, Public Speaking, Soft Skill and more

Design Research, Parametric Design and more

Bankruptcy, Hedgefund and more

Interior Design, Architectural Design and more

Consulting, Partnership, Market Entry and more

Powerpoint, Word, Excel and more

Chemical, Biological Engineering and more

Cancer, Medicine and more

Economics, Econometrics and more

Brand development, marketing and more

Environment, Resources and more

Molecular Biology, Lifesciences and more

Higher Education, Teaching and more

Healthcare, Clinical Research and more

Design Manufacturing, Product Design and more

Strategic Design, Concept Design and more

Media, Brand Marketing, Data and more

Civil Law, Competition Law and more

Virology, Pathology and more

Heritage Conservation, Urban Planning and more

Environmental Energy, Economics and more


Sustainability, Self-Healing and more

Visual Art, Space and more

Chemical and Biomedical Process Dynamics and more

Hydrology and Hydraulic Constructions and more

Design, techniques and the environment and more

Ethical thinking, decision-making and more

 Hospitality, Real estate and more

Hydrogels, Organogel and more

Economic modelling, Trade and more


Design, Art & Architecture

Nephrology, Medicine and more

Psychology, cultural psychology and more

ML, Signal Processing, C and more

Maritime decarbonization, Policy and more


Art and Cultural Heritage

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

Create your Custom One-On-One Course

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