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Forethought India Internship Consultation 

Forethought India is helping students across different parts of India in obtaining Internship positions at their desired IIT, IHM, NLU, IISER, and DU under esteemed Professors or Scholars. 

Don't worry, if we fail to do so. We will refund you 100%. 


1. Application to Forethought Team
2. Acceptance Offer
3. Consultation fee of
INR 3000 & Registration
4. A comprehensive virtual meeting for all preferences and details.
5. Customized email composition will be drafted as per specifications.
6. Emailing to our network of over 30,000+ professors and scholars on your behalf.
7. Nurturing relationships with professors and scholars.
8. Final acceptance

How does it work?

Once your application is accepted by Team Forethought, you will be requested to pay a consultation fee. Afterward, we will arrange a virtual meeting at a date and time convenient for you to gather all the necessary requirements and specifications. Once we have the required details, we will assist you in enhancing your resume if needed and initiate the process of sending emails on your behalf to our network. Our aim is to help you secure an internship position at your preferred institutions within a matter of weeks.


Thankyou for applying. We will get back at your email or whatsapp within 10 Days.

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Testimonial from our recent students
Kushal Wanjare

Internship position under professors from IIT Kharagpur, IIT Roorkee & IIT Indore

Still having questions or concern? Feel free to reach out to us!
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