Internship Opportunity under Professor Jaideep Prabhu 



Jaideep Prabhu

Professor of Marketing


Under the aegis of Prof. Dr. Jaideep Prabhu (Professor of Marketing, the Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business and Enterprise, and Director of the Cambridge Center for India and Global Business in the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge) and his research team led by Ms. Soniya Gupta (Commonwealth Scholar, MPhil and Incoming PhD at University of Cambridge) an extensive academic research is being undertaken to analyze the various ways in which micro-entrepreneurial ecosystem can be strengthened. As a collaborative, we are hereby offering Internships across a variety of fields to aspiring Research Scholars to play a key role in our spectrum of research. Selected interns shall be reporting to their assigned project manager or research scholar. There would be periodic reviews and engagement sessions with Prof. Dr. Jaideep Prabhu and his research team.

Position: Research Interns

  • Languages: Native Hindi, Odia, Kannada and Telugu speakers shall be preferred. Proficiency in English is a must.

  • Location: Work From Home (We are based in Bangalore, India and would be open to those who would like to work from our office.)

  • Engagement: 2-6 months, at least 4 hours per day, 5 days a week.

  • Date of Joining: Immediately/Before 15th June 2022


- UG/PG students from management, business, human resources, social sciences, economics, communication, design, technology, product or allied fields shall be preferred.

- Access to a laptop and good internet connection

- Empathetic and loves interacting with people;

- Looking to build research acumen

- Analytical, goal-setter and go-getter

- Demonstrates commitment to the research project whole-heartedly

Please note that this is a very selective program and only students who we find to be perfect matches to the roles stated below, shall be contacted for the next steps.


Stipend: This is an unpaid internship. Any costs borne by the interns shall be reimbursed on actuals (if prior permission has been granted).



● Work experience under the Professor and Research Coordinator to learn how to conduct research

● Immense learning on diverse topics associated with starting a micro-business through an array of trainings and orientation by the mission team on the process and platform

● An opportunity to transform lives & livelihoods (utilizing time and skills in the best possible manner for empowering the underprivileged as micro-business owners)

● Interactions and review sessions with Dr. Prabhu and his research team

● A certificate of completion of internship jointly from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and Lets Endorse) upon successful completion of the fellowship

● A letter of recommendation for stand out performers


Registering for internship opportunities at our site or LinkedIn Page will also register you as our society member.

Experiences (Jaideeep Prabhu)


Opportunity 01 | Business & Finance

1) Operations and Analysis Stream (8 positions):


Ideal research interns are those who:


- Have keen interest in micro-entrepreneurship/business and want to pursue it as a career

- Have good business acumen (ideally well-read/observant/coming from business family)

- Have patience, empathy, curiosity and keenness to speak to hundreds of nano/micro-entrepreneurs and derive interesting insights

- Have excellent documentation and analytical skills

- Have excellent communication skills in native language (Hindi/Telugu/Odia/Kannada)




- Researching about and developing standardized benchmarkable indicators and proxies for enterprise survival, health and growth measurement

- Approaching hundreds of nano/micro-entrepreneurs virtually/telephonically and gathering their enterprise health metrics using direct indicators and proxies

- Understanding gaps and needs, documenting insights, developing patterns

- Documenting and digitizing best practices and cross-disseminating those followed by analyzing efficacy of various best practices in different contexts and geographies

- Assisting research scholars in Econometric modeling

Opportunity 02 | Business & Finance

2) Mentorship Process Development Stream (5 positions):

Ideal research interns are those who:

- Have led/been part of Entrepreneurship Cells/Fests/etc. and have managed
mentors and experts
- Have good research, (professional) networking and following-up aptitude
- Have excellent written and verbal communication and analytical skills to derive
from the capability gaps of micro-entrepreneurs and find the best mentors
- Have patience, empathy, curiosity and keenness to speak to
nano/micro-entrepreneurs and potential mentors and connect the dots



- Researching about and developing an extensive rubric for mentor identification
and classification
- Benchmarking and analyzing existing mentorship models and platforms existing
- Developing orientation content for mentors and devising a certification
- Developing frameworks for motivation, incentivization and continuous
engagement of mentors
- Developing a schema for outreach, onboarding and empanelment of mentors,
with scope for continuous iteration
- Conducting an array of Stage/business/context-appropriate live mentorship
- Developing SOPs and an Impact assessment framework for mentorship

Opportunity 03 | Business & Finance

3) Product/Technology Stream (4 positions):


Ideal research interns are those who:


- Have sound product and user-centric design knowledge

- Have taken conscious efforts to develop product-led growth acumen

- Are avid product thinkers (If you can code as well (MERN-stack), we welcome you.)

- Have been a part of teams/assignments where user-centric design and user-experience were given paramount importance

- Have excellent written and verbal communication and analytical skills

- Have patience, empathy, curiosity and keenness to go the extra mile




- Conducting extensive user (and user experience) research on gaps and needs of nano/micro-entrepreneurs in collaboration with the researchers from other streams

- Developing product prototypes by incorporating the best practices on building products for the next billion users

- Product requirement documentation/prototyping/wireframing

- Assessing the technology team in translating product vision into products (MERN-stack development)

- Conducting User-testing and closing the feedback loop with iterative development

Opportunity 04 | Business & Finance

4) Learning, Development and Communications Stream (4 positions):


Ideal research interns are those who:


- Have excellent communication, storytelling, persuasive, voiceover and narrative skills

- Have taken conscious efforts to develop content-led learning and development

- Well-versed in various forms of storytelling and formats of representation of content (including translation, transliteration, subtitling, among other facets)

- Keenness to do extensive research, conduct benchmarking, build curricula for micro-entrepreneurs across the …

- Follower of best research practices like attribution, credits, annotations, version management, etc. - Knack for representing complex concepts in simpler, easily digestible formats

- Extremely structured thought-process, mind-mapping and thorough documentation capabilities




- Conducting extensive user (and user experience) research on gaps and needs of nano/micro-entrepreneurs in collaboration with the researchers from other streams

- Content research according to the laid-out curriculum

- Content conceptualization, creation/co-creation/UAT, venularization and publishing

- Content analytics and feedback loop

- Micro-curriculum design (on nuanced topics)

- Survey design and embedding for feedback management and content improvement

Opportunity 05 | Business & Finance

5) Strategy and Consulting Stream (4 positions)


Ideal research interns are those who:


- Have entrepreneurial capabilities and knack for spotting opportunities

- Are avid thinkers and strategists - Have excellent observational, analytical, problem identification, problem solving and case-study skills

- Prior consulting experience will be an added advantage




- Conducting extensive geographic and user-group/market research and identifying value-chain gaps/value-creation opportunities

- Conducting cross-sectoral competitive and market research

- Developing recommendations for value-chain integrable businesses (new-age enterprises), deriving from the insights and data collected

- Constituting a pilot-cohort of enterprise aspirants who would like to kickstart such enterprises

- Developing value-chain linkages for streamlining new enterprise survivability and growth

- Developing sustainability models for such value-chain integrated enterprises