Internship Opportunity under Professor Murray Johannsen



Murray Johannsen

Instructor: Business and Management



Under the guidance of Prof Murray Johannsen (Professor of Digital Marketing and Founder of the Legacee Academy), this world-class internship is being carried out to offer expertise you can apply and skills you can master.


Please note. 

This is a very selective program since it comes with both a course of training and the practical experience employers desire of professionals in the field.



One doesn’t need a degree to get really good at digital/influencer marketing. In fact, those who hugely successful in the field are self-taught. For the true test in learning is to apply what you know by practicing it enough to master it as a skill. To do this, it is expected that you will need to apply the theory in between 10 and 15 hours per week for 3 or 6-months.

You will have access to online learning material. The three general skill tracks you can focus on are: (1) lead generation, (2) video creation and (3) production, and copywriting.


● Real world work experience under the Professor and Marketing Coordinator to learn how to conduct Marketing campaigns

● Immense learning on diverse topics associated with starting a micro-business through an array of trainings and orientation by the mission team on the process and platforms.

● An opportunity to transform lives & livelihoods (utilizing time and skills in the best possible manner for empowering the underprivileged as micro-business owners)

● Interactions and coaching sessions with Professor Johannsen and his marketing team

● A certificate of completion of internship jointly from the Legacee Academy upon successful completion of the fellowship

● A letter of recommendation for stand out performers


This is an unpaid internship.


Steps include:

  • A short cover letter with resume or bio

  • An application

  • An Interview

  • Onboarding

  • Internship Begins


One can find additional information below:

You will find our over 150-pages of free information on leadership skills and skill development.


This site has the lists of online training courses. 

Experiences (Murray Johannsen)


Opportunity 01 | Business & Finance

1) Digital Marketing Internship:



We are based in the USA and do not anticipate the need to travel for your convenience. Therefore, you would be expected to:

  • Attend virtual meetings held on Zoom

  • Complete online coursework in a Digital Marketing specialty.

  • Work in a remote team environment

  • Participate in real-life marketing campaigns




This is about business — growing a business and making money. It’s not designed to be an academic exercise full of theory one cannot apply, but rather a practical application that ones can use and apply into their workplace. Characteristics of a successful applicant include:

  • Proficiency and fluency in English.

  • Capability to work remotely.

  • Broadband Internet access, smart phone, microphone, and a video camera.

  • Having a Google Id for Gmail account and to access to other Google resources

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office, Outlook, email, and web browser

  • Some understanding of Western (primarily American) culture.

  • Familiarity with basic marketing principles and concepts is desirable.

  • Knowledge of the technology tools used in digital marketing and influencer marketing

  • An entrepreneurial mind-set is an inner passion that sparks business innovation

  • Enrolled in a university program in management, business, human resources, social sciences, communication, is preferred

  • Empathetic, interpersonal, great written and electronic communication skills, and someone who likes interacting with people.

  • Looking to build creative marketing research for business acumen

  • Analytical, goal-setter and go-getter

  • Demonstrates commitment to the digital marketing process whole-heartedly