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Welcome to Forethought India One-on-One Courses. Our program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen profession. Our instructor for this course is Researcher Mouchandra Paul at IIT Kanpur


Welcome to "Navigating Evolutionary Ecology," a comprehensive course designed to immerse you in the captivating world of evolutionary processes and ecological dynamics. Throughout this course, you will embark on a journey that spans the fundamental principles of evolutionary ecology to advanced theories and emerging trends. Delve into the intricate dance of natural selection, genetic drift, and gene flow, and explore how organisms adapt to their ecological niches. Uncover the secrets of population ecology, community interactions, and coevolution, gaining insights into the factors influencing biodiversity and conservation strategies. From the molecular intricacies of evolutionary physiology to the broad strokes of macroecology and landscape genetics, this course offers a holistic perspective on the interplay between genetics and ecology. Engage with the evolutionary ecology of diseases, human-environment interactions, and interdisciplinary realms like evolutionary psychology and ethics. Hone your critical thinking skills as you synthesize concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. By the end of this journey, you will emerge with a profound understanding of evolutionary ecology, ready to navigate its complexities and contribute to the ever-evolving field. Join us in unraveling the mysteries that shape the rich tapestry of life on Earth.

At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate & performance letter by the eductor indicating that they have completed the program and acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen profession.

Navigating Evolutionary Ecology, by Mouchandra Paul

  • Mouchandra Paul is Biotechnology graduate of Batch 2020 from NIT Durgapur, and she recently got admission to Ph.D. Program in the Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kanpur. She has received Prime Minister's Research Fellowship starting in May 2022 (Cycle 9). Apart from being good at Academics, she is also very enthusiastic about Entrepreneurship & Startups, thus grooming herself with tons of extra-curricular activities during her Graduation years.