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Welcome to Forethought India One-on-One Courses. Our program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen profession. Our instructor for this course is Researcher Mouchandra Paul at IIT Kanpur


The course on "Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Medicine" offers a comprehensive exploration of the principles, applications, and ethical considerations surrounding stem cells. Covering a wide array of topics, this course delves into the fundamental concepts of stem cell biology, including the different types of stem cells, their isolation, culture techniques, and their capacity for differentiation and tissue repair. It also investigates their role in various medical fields, such as organ regeneration, neurological disorders, and their potential in personalized medicine. Moreover, the course delves into advanced areas like induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), gene editing, and their application in areas like cancer research, cardiac regeneration, ophthalmology, and diabetes treatment. Throughout the program, it addresses the legal, ethical, and social implications in this field, providing a holistic understanding of this cutting-edge domain and its future prospects in healthcare and research.

At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate & performance letter by the eductor indicating that they have completed the program and acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen profession.

Stem Cell Technology and Regenerative Medicine, by Mouchandra Paul