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Welcome to Forethought India One-on-One Courses. Our program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their chosen profession. Our instructor for this course is Prof. Stuart Diamond at The Wharton Business School


The course "Corporate Odyssey: Law and Governance in the Business World" delves into the intricate fabric of corporate governance and legal frameworks governing contemporary business landscapes. This comprehensive program is designed to equip learners with a profound understanding of the legal and ethical dimensions essential for navigating the complex terrain of corporate operations. It covers a wide array of critical topics, including business ethics, compliance, contracts, intellectual property rights, risk management, corporate social responsibility, securities regulations, mergers and acquisitions, environmental law, cybersecurity, and international business law. Moreover, it delves into advanced concepts such as corporate governance case studies, litigation and dispute resolution, financial regulations, taxation, ethics in global business, emerging technologies' legal implications, and future trends in corporate governance. This course not only imparts foundational knowledge but also explores cutting-edge developments, preparing participants to tackle real-world challenges and make informed, ethically sound decisions within the corporate sphere.

At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate & performance letter by the educator indicating that they have completed the program and acquired the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen profession.

Corporate Odyssey: Law and Governance in the Business World, by Stuart Diamond