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About Course:


For the first time in this world, we bring you a live online course that will earn you a letter of recommendation from professor Faris Saah,Special Program Instructor at Harvard Universityat Harvard University. But more than the personalized Letter of recommendation that the students will be earning from Professor Faris Saah, it is the guidance and quality of education that holds value in this course. The course is designed by Professor Saah exclusively for Forethought India students to provide a unique learning experience. Over the course of 4 weeks, this course will introduce students to the fundamental building blocks of financial technologies and its real world applications with relevance to entrepreneurship.


No prior knowledge or experience is required to do this course. Each class will be for a duration of one hour on every Saturday and Sunday in the evenings. Every week optional networking meetings will be conducted to help students communicate and grow with each other as a community. Every week additional doubt classes will be conducted with the educator to clear the student's doubts. With our No Attendance Policy, all the lecture sessions will be recorded in case any students are not able to attend live classes and want to watch them later. Lastly all students will write a MCQ test to pass the course and receive the letter of recommendation and completion certificate that will be sent online and to the address provided by the student.

Basics of Financial Technology & Entrepreneurship

  • Digital & Hardcopy Letter of Recommendation personally written and signed by Professor Faris Saah will be delivered to the student's address and at email.