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About Course:


Forethought India brings you live online course and the only courses in the world that will earn you a performance letter & opportunity to work in a project/research work with Professor Sai Ravela, Principal Scientist at MIT. But more than the personalized Performance Letter that the top 10% students will be earning from Professor Sai Ravela, it is the guidance and quality of education that holds value in this course. The course is designed by Professor Sai Ravela exclusively for Forethought India students to provide a unique learning experience.


Many prediction and discovery problems from the stock market to exoplanets lack a firm physical or theoretical basis for modeling. In these instances, data driven approaches are needed. Deep Learning is revolutionizing data-driven prediction and discovery, in particular, the acceleration began with Convolutional Neural Networks, which remain exceedingly popular. But just what are they, what is the theory behind them, and how could we use them to develop prediction and discovery machines are the subject of this course.


No prior knowledge or experience is required to do this course. Each class will be for a duration of 45 minutes + Extra time for Doubts on every Friday and Saturday in the evenings. With our No Attendance Policy, all the lecture sessions will be recorded in case any students are not able to attend live classes and want to watch them later. Lastly, all students will write a MCQ test to pass the course and receive the completion certificate that will be sent online.


The top 10% of the class will recieve a Performance Letter based on this course from Professor Sai

For the 1%, a potential opportunity to pursue additional topics of mutual interest with Dr. Sai Ravela

Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Prediction and Discovery with ML

  • Digital & Hardcopy performance letter personally written and signed by Professor Sai Ravela will be delivered to the student's address and at email (Top 10% of the class only).