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Forethought India is building the largest society for Engineering in India. World renowned professor from MIT, Harvard & Mentor from University of Oxford will be educators along side industry experts for this society. With its wide range of services and featuring 5000+ students from prestigious institutions from all over India, this society is a open for all and free medium of growth, networking and mutual learning. It is part of Forethought India's larger initiative to bridge the gap between Indian students and world renowned professors and industry experts by eliminating administrative limitations through our platform.

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About Session | Engineering

Forethought India has hosted an online talk session in Engineering in India. World renowned professor from MIT, Harvard & Mentor from University of Oxford have shared their knowledge in this session.

Topic: AI, 3D printing, sonification & design of novel materials through molecular vibrations & sound, Impact of AI on Businesses and A Glimpsing Paradigm

Speakers for the talk session

Markus J. Buehler

16 Years at MIT & Counting

Markus J. Buehler is the McAfee Professor of Engineering at MIT and directs MIT's Laboratory for Atomistic and Molecular Mechanics (LAMM). He served as Head of Department, Civil and Environmental Engineering from 2013-2020. From 2018-2020 he served terms as President-elect, President and Past President of the Society of Engineering Science (SES).

Buehler’s research focuses on how protein materials define life, and how they fail catastrophically due to disease. His work has shown how biological materials achieve extraordinary properties through multiscale hierarchy, rather than through the diversity of the underlying building blocks, and has designed lighter, stronger and durable materials.

Working at the interface of art and science, he is a composer of experimental music with an interest in sonification, and developed a method to translate material structure into musical form and vice versa, realizing a materialization of sonic information in biomaterials protein design. He is well-known for the development of the materiomusical compositional technique.

His scholarly work includes more than 450 peer-reviewed journal articles in journals like Nature, Nature Materials, Science Advances, PNAS, Advanced Materials, and others, with about 30,000 citations. Buehler has delivered hundreds of plenary and keynote speeches around the world.

Buehler received the NSF CAREER award, the United States Air Force Young Investigator Award, the Navy Young Investigator Award, and the DARPA Young Faculty Award, as well as the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. In 2010 he received MIT's Harold E. Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award for exceptional distinction in teaching and in research or scholarship. Other awards include the TMS Hardy Award, the IEEE Holm Conference Mort Antler Lecture Award, the MRS Outstanding Young Investigator Award, the SES Young Investigator Medal, the T.J.R. Hughes Young Investigator Award, the Nemat-Nasser Medal, the R.W. Raymond Memorial Award, the Brunauer Award, the Alfred Noble Prize, and the Leonardo da Vinci Award. He was selected as a 2018 Highly Cited Researcher for producing multiple highly cited papers ranking in the top 1% for a publication field. In 2019, he received the Materials Horizons Outstanding Paper Prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry, and was named as one of the top 0.09% of researchers worldwide in nanoscience in 2020’s World Ranking of Scientists by Stanford University.

Buehler serves as a member of the editorial board of many international publications and has chaired many committees.


McAfee Professor of Engineering at MIT


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Fawwaz Habbal


Fawwaz Habbal is the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) Executive Dean for Education and Research and is also a Senior Lecturer in Applied Physics. Dr. Habbal served as the first Executive Dean for SEAS from 2007 to 2011. After joining Harvard in 2001, he served as Associate Dean for Research and Planning, at the Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Prior to Harvard, he held the position as Corporate Vice President, responsible for research and product design at Polaroid Corporation where he served as a Senior Research and Engineering Fellow as well. Dr. Habbal’’s research interests have been in magnetics, superconductivity, semiconductors, and Nanophotonics and he has authored over 100 publications in these areas. Dr. Habbal holds a Ph.D. in Experimental Physics from the University of Cincinnati, MS in Physics from the American University of Beirut and BS in Mathematics from the University of Damascus. He completed several executive management programs at Harvard, Penn State Smeal College of Business and Wharton School of Business.


Executive Dean for Education and Research at Harvard



Amita Kapoor


Amita Kapoor is Head Data Science of; Advisor DeepSightAI Labs, FeynLabs.AI and MarkTechPost; Mentor Udacity and Coursera; Author of best-selling books on TensorFlow and Deep Learning; Guest Tutor at University of Oxford and Associate Professor at the University of Delhi.

She has over 20 years of experience in the field of neural networks and artificial intelligence both at the implementation level and in research (h-index 8).

She is extremely passionate about using AI for the betterment of society and humanity in general. She continues her work at the intersection of reinforcement learning, probabilistic graphical models, and quantum machine learning.


AI/Machine Learning Tutor and Mentor


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