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Reinventing Learning with 21,000+ Students from 1,500+ Cities

About Us


Forethought India is an educational platform that integrates students with the finest professors in the world. Learners can access alongside world-renowned professors in their fields through open and free societies with talk sessions & specialized community, professional training certificates by top educators & world's first and so far only courses with LOR from professors working at Harvard, MIT, Stanford and more


Exclusive Live courses with Letter of Recommendation by world's top professors in interactive classroom

Live One-One Professional Training Programs by professors working at Harvard, Stanford, MIT and more

Open and free educational societies with national forums & talk sessions featuring professors working at institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT and more

B2B Services to firms, organizations, colleges, universities and more

All Society


  • Engineering Society

Speakers - Professor of MIT, Mentor of University of Oxford and Industry Experts

  • Business & Finance Society

Speakers - Professional and Professor of ESCP Paris, University of Cambridge, London Business School and Industry Experts

  • Architecture & Planning Society

Speakers - Graduates of Harvard, MIT, University of Michigan, University of Hong Kong and Industry Experts

  • Law Society

Speakers - Research Fellow from Oxford University and Industry Experts

  • Science Society
 Physics | Biology |  Medical Science

Speakers -  Researcher, Director, Lecturer & Professor at Stanford University, Harvard Medical School, UCB, University of Oxford and Industry Experts.

  • Design & Multimedia Society

Speakers - Professor at  Rhode Island School of Design, animator at MARVEL STUDIOS and Industry Experts.

  • Culinary Arts

Speakers - Corporate Chef and Industry Experts

  • Social Science & Humanities Society

Speakers - Professor at Harvard University and Industry Experts


Faris Saah

Special Program Instructor at Harvard University

Faris Saah
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