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This comprehensive HTML course provides a structured and in-depth exploration of HTML fundamentals and advanced concepts. Starting with an introduction to HTML and its document structure, participants will progress through topics such as HTML elements, text formatting, links, images, and forms at the basic level. The advanced level delves into more intricate subjects including advanced document structure, tables, multimedia integration, responsive web design, geolocation, accessibility, SEO optimization, and best coding practices. Throughout the course, participants will gain hands-on experience and practical skills, enabling them to create well-structured and visually appealing web pages. This course is designed for both beginners and those looking to enhance their HTML skills, providing a solid foundation and advanced knowledge to excel in web development.

Learn HTML with SDE working at Visa

  • Upon completion of this HTML course, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

    Comprehensive Understanding of HTML: Gain a deep understanding of HTML fundamentals, including document structure, elements, tags, and text formatting.

    Proficiency in Working with Multimedia: Learn to integrate audio, video, canvas, and SVG elements into web pages effectively.

    Advanced Form Handling: Master advanced input elements, form styling techniques, and best practices for form design.

    Responsive Web Design Skills: Acquire the skills needed to create responsive web designs using HTML and CSS.

    Enhanced Accessibility Awareness: Understand web accessibility guidelines and principles to ensure inclusive web design practices.

    SEO Optimization Techniques: Learn strategies for optimizing HTML code to improve search engine visibility and ranking.

    Web Component Development: Explore web components, templates, and metadata to enhance modularity and maintainability of web projects.

    Adherence to Best Coding Practices: Develop an understanding of HTML best practices and coding standards to create clean, efficient, and maintainable code.

    Hands-on Project Experience: Apply learned concepts through practical exercises and projects, gaining real-world experience in HTML development.

    Preparation for Further Learning: Lay a strong foundation for further exploration into advanced web development technologies and frameworks.

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