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Looking for career upliftment?

Join our comprehensive program to be future ready for any role


Step 1; Fill the application form for acceptance.

Selection Based on Application Only 


Step 2:  Complete enrollment and payment only after acceptance. 


Step 3: Allow us  20 Days after after enrollment to set-up your Educators & Expert for the 1-on-1 Career Program


Step 4: Program setup and initiation as per you convenience of date and time

Fill your application today.
Application Fee - 2000 INR (Refundable on selection)
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What are we looking in the application?


Problem solver
Good Analytical skills 
Past Internship Experience
Team building Skills
Leadership skills
Impressions on dedication & punctuality

Total Program Fee: 1,50,000 INR
3rd Year UG Student & Onwards from any domain

Designer - Developer - Marketer - Product Manager - Architect - Core Engineer - Analyst - Investment Associate
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Benefits for you?


1-on-1 Learning under a renowned Professor/Scientist
1-on-1 Industry Connect & Mentorship Support
Founder Connect & Mentorship Support

Hands-on experience via multiple Projects
Interview Prep & Profile Upliftment Guidance by a HR 
Project completion certificate by a renowned faculty
Performance Letter by a renowned faculty


Week 01

Lecture 01

Lecture 02

Week 02

Lecture 03

Lecture 04

Week 03

Lecture 05

Lecture 06

Week 04

Lecture 07

Lecture 08

Week 05

Project Session 01: Task & Introduction

Project Session 02: Feedback & Review

Week 06

Project Session 03: Feedback & Review

Project Session 04: Final Scoring & Remark

Week 07

Mentorship Session 01: Founder of a Funded Startup

Mentorship Session 02: Founder of a Funded Startup

Week 08

Mentorship Session 03: Industry Expert from a MNC/Firm

Mentorship Session 04: Industry Expert from a MNC/Firm

Week 09

Interview Prep Session 01: HR of a MNC/Firm

Interview Prep Session 02: HR of a MNC/Firm


  1. All lectures/sessions will be scheduled as per your convenience of date and time

  2. The time-line of the program is custom and can be completed as per your convenience. Typically it run for two months.

  3. Lecture type would be based on the Education Qualification of the candidate. It maybe set as; A. Basic to Advanced B. Intermediate to Advanced C. Advanced

  4. The Educator would be a renowned Professor or Scientist in accordance to the selected role.

  5. Multiple task will be assigned during the Project Sessions for hands-on experience in the subject matter

  6. Mentorship Session by Founder would be aligned as per the selected role to provide networking and mentorship support

  7. Mentorship Session by Industry Expert will again be matched as per the role to provide high quality mentorship and deep critical understanding in the field by the Person who's been there and has experience. 

  8. Lastly, the program will conclude by Mentorship Session from HR of different company to help you uplift your profile and note key inputs for Interviews.

Why 1-on-1?

Personalized attention
Customized instruction
Greater accountability
Immediate feedback
Increased engagement

Who will be your Educator/Expert?

Your comprehensive program will include Educators/Expert as;
Renowned Professors or Scientist, Founder of Venture Backed Startup, Top Employee from MNC/Firm and HR from MNC/Firm. 

Typically it will involve participation from :
  • 1 Professor/Scientist
  • 2 Founder
  • 2 Industry Expert
  • 2 HR 

~ 2000+ Subjects Expertise ~

Looking out for something custom?
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