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The course on Strategic Negotiation provides a comprehensive exploration of the principles, strategies, and tactics essential for effective negotiation in various contexts. Covering fundamental concepts such as understanding interests versus positions, creating value, and mastering communication techniques, participants delve into advanced topics including cross-cultural negotiation, power dynamics, and ethical considerations in bargaining. Through case studies, role-plays, and practical exercises, learners develop the skills necessary to navigate complex negotiations, handle difficult situations adeptly, and forge mutually beneficial agreements. With a focus on both theory and real-world application, this course equips individuals with the knowledge and confidence to excel in high-stakes negotiation environments and foster sustainable, long-term relationships.

Learn Strategic Negotiation with Researcher from IIT Guwahati

  • Upon completing the course on Strategic Negotiation, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the fundamental principles and dynamics of negotiation, distinguishing between interests and positions.
    • Employ strategies for creating and claiming value in negotiations, maximizing outcomes for all parties involved.
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills, including active listening, persuasion, and the art of compromise.
    • Navigate cross-cultural negotiation contexts with sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences.
    • Recognize and manage power dynamics inherent in negotiation situations, leveraging influence ethically.
    • Apply emotional intelligence techniques to foster rapport, manage conflicts, and build trust during negotiations.
    • Utilize integrative and distributive bargaining approaches to achieve optimal outcomes in diverse scenarios.
    • Employ negotiation tactics and counter-tactics effectively, adapting strategies to address evolving circumstances.
    • Address deadlocks and impasses constructively, finding creative solutions to move negotiations forward.
    • Handle high-stakes negotiation environments with confidence, employing strategic planning and adaptability.
    • Develop long-term negotiation strategies that prioritize relationship-building and sustainable agreements.
    • Analyze and draw insights from case studies and practical applications to enhance negotiation skills and decision-making abilities.
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